Be The Top 3% of the World’s Population


Super Cell Tornadic Storm

Avoidance is not a solution. Withdrawal is not a solution. Whenever life puts a violent crisis in front of you, live it. Be there, do your thing. Not only you will emerge stronger and wiser than before, but, most of the time, you’ll realize the crisis was much easier than you expected it. It is not really such a big deal, as long as you deal with it.

Don’t make assumptions. Be clear. Your book of life may sound okay for you, but other people may not get it. You got to be sure everybody understands your message. Every time you experience some misunderstandings in your life, check your message first. Your message may be just a row of gibberish to the other person. Do your best to translate your message accordingly.

You have only friends. Some of them may teach you something in a very harsh way but they are still your friends. When somebody attacks you, don’t fall for your first reaction: defending yourself, excusing or even accusing the other part. This may mean you’re powerful beyond what you perceive and you must have scared the other person. Either way, the whole concept of enemy disappears in this approach.

Our thoughts control our emotions. Planning is essential if we want to succeed. Happiness is an internal emotion. Instead of looking for happiness outside of ourselves, we should look inside. Visualization is powerful and helps us attract what we really want. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables are good for the human body and important if you want to create healthy eating habits. Mistakes are no more than experiences and we shouldn’t put ourselves down if we make some, instead, we should view our mistakes as experiences and opportunities. We can achieve everything we want in life if we believe we can. Learning many languages is important to be able to communicate with many different people. Life is sweet; we should enjoy it to the maximum. Creative thinking is a major key to success. Money is something good, not something evil as many people think. We can’t change people, we only can affect them. Never worry about the future, live in the present. Learn as much as you can. Knowledge is power. Life is a choice that we make.

Do you know that only 3% of the world’s population manages to plan and reach their goals? Strive to become the top 3% of the world’s population who know how to achieve any goal you desire in all areas of life.

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