Rationales Intended For Meditation


I read an article recently that said: "Meditate: Daily relaxation exercises may cut the risk of death from heart attack by 30 percent and cancer by 49 percent." Cardiac death runs in my family. Both of my grandfathers, my grandmother, and too-many aunts and uncles all died of it. But the good news, at least for me, is that I’ve been meditating for 6 years.

The brilliance is that we can all differ from our conditioning, go around from our heredity, and challenge our programming to live imaginative, zealous, and joy-filled lives. I believe that meditation is the groundwork for this change. Our minds are like trap doors that lead to everything stale and old, out-of-date fears, previous wounds, and out-of-focus pictures. By working with the mind, by using patient, comfortable awareness, we shine the light inside that trap door. Things shift, slowly and subtlety. We move to a new state of mind, then another and another. We become the change we visualize, for ourselves and for the planet slowly and subtlety and we have fun along the way.

Here are my reasons for meditating. You better remember why you walked into a room. You smile more and grind your teeth less. You see beauty in the most improbable places–the face of child with a runny nose, a wrinkled old toothless smile, a heap of grass clippings. You develop a sense of humor, especially about yourself. You have the feeling you do after an hour of yoga–but without the exercise. Your abhorrent grandfather/aunt/cousin doesn’t trouble you as much. Your intuition becomes your secret mentor. Your heart heals, and holds more love. You feel stillness as deep as the ocean. You will be ecstatic.

My thought about meditation, which I learned from a wise one, is simple; don’t leave the house without having done it, since the only bad meditation is the one you didn’t do.

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