“Why?” and “Who cares?”

Distinctive Title

Distinctive Title

Utilizing article writing as primary marketing strategy to build exposure, please cultivate some writing insight that will lead you to success.


If you could start over again, follow this recommendation: “Write every day.”  “The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.”


You should know how many articles you want to write each day, and that should be the first thing on your list of items.


Please, target the escalating audience of those who want to appreciate change and want to know how to acclimatize to it.


To that effect, ask questions others don’t.  “My favourites are ‘why?’ and ‘who cares?’”  You make sure that you answer at least one of them in every article you write.


In addition to answering these difficult questions, go all-out to give real value to readers to endure the host of worthless content on the Internet.


Tackle frequent article writing challenges by use of the following:


Distinctive Titles:  Use some creativity that will attract the reader’s attention.


Choose Captivating Keywords:  It’s easy to forget that the words you use will be searched for by people outside of your niche, as well as inside it.


Motivation:  Finding the motivation to write isn’t usually a problem for me, because I enjoy writing and there’s so much that I want other people to think about.  The inspiration comes from many sources: current events, articles, magazines, ezines, books, conversations, etc.


Writer’s Block:  Like many writers, I often use boosts. This can be just about anything.  Some books for writers will describe short scenes, and then ask you to write about a particular character or from a different point of view.  Anything that gets you to start writing, whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent, will prime the writing pump.


Please try these methods by asking yourself the questions no one else in your niche dares ask: “Why?” and “Who cares?” In doing so, not only will you build your exposure, you will provide more value and begin to be more confident in your efforts!




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