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These mindset-based questions form a powerful tool you can apply to any challenge, adversity, and opportunity. They are especially well suited to the obesity challenge, and making a permanent shift from The Obesity Ghetto to an enlightened Second Hand Fat mindset.

The Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance Questions can be used in the most informal ways, infused in everyday conversation, virtual or face-to-face. You can use them in a tweet, text, posting, email, or Skype. Conversely, you can formally structure entire, game-changing meetings with others around these Control, Ownership, Reach, and Endurance Questions, to harness both personal and professional issues, big or small.

You may recall that one of the huge downsides of The Obesity Ghetto mindset and Complex, Accelerating, Global, Epidemic is it can induce a sense of being overwhelmed, even helpless, and as a result paralyzed, given the apparent scope, difficultly, magnitude, and pace of the obesity challenge. The Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance Questions are precisely devised to equip you to bust down this Complex, Accelerating, Global, Epidemic or any perceived constraints, impossibilities and improbabilities.

Control: What are all the facets of this situation (the obesity challenge) that we can at least potentially influence?

There are those who consider the obesity issue impossible. To them, I ask one of my favorite questions, “Clearly solving this is not possible. But if it were, how would we do it?” Example, I could eat less, exercise more, or ask my overweight neighbor to go for a walk. Traction begins with ignoring all the aspects of the obesity issue we believe we cannot affect, and listing, then becoming obsessed with those we at least potentially could, or can. This rule applies across the board. Whether for your own health, your loved ones’, or regarding the grander issue, ask this Control, Ownership, Reach, and Endurance Question. Notice this question doesn’t ask for a definitive conclusion that specific things can, for sure be influenced. It only asks for all the facets you can “at least potentially influence.”

Ownership: Where and how can I/we step up to make the most immediate, positive difference in this situation (regarding my health, even the grander issue)?

First, define your Health Gap. This is the distance between your current health-related habits and what you already know to be ideal health-related habits. Then, list every answer to this question: If I were coaching someone I really cared about on how to close that gap, specifically what would I advise that person to do? Given where you are now, versus where you could/should be, what specific changes to diet, exercise, lifestyle sleep, stress, relationships, work, happiness, sex, meaning, etc. would I recommend? List them all. Next, list all of the people you could positively influence as your health-related habits improve and your gap, no matter how big or small, begins to close. Keep those people in mind as a source of inspiration for even more fully owning your own health, and making it a personal cause that goes beyond you to all of them. Pick the top 2-3 actions off your list that answer the question: Where and how can I/we step up to make the most immediate, positive difference in this situation regarding my health, even the grander issue?

Reach: What can I/we do to contain, or minimize the potential downsides and mitigate Second Hand Fat? What can I/we do to optimize the potential upsides gaining the full potential benefits of awareness, exercise, diet, energy, setting an example, etc.? Of all the potential downsides or consequences of Second Hand Fat, which one scares, frustrates or concerns you most? What can you at least begin to do now, to limit, contain, and shrink either the magnitude or likelihood of that consequence?

For example, if your biggest fear or concern related to Second Hand Fat is seeing how your partner’s suffering from type two diabetes affects his or her and maybe your health, energy, and overall quality of life, think of all the things you can do to reduce the chances that it gets worse, that you continue to enjoy life, regardless, and that others: children, peers, etc. are not negatively influenced by this condition. If you’re biggest frustration is seeing your child heading toward obesity, you might decide to go for a family walk after dinner, buy a used bicycle at a garage sale, limit the amount of candy in the house, etc.

What is the single biggest benefit you expect or hope to gain from refusing to let your mindset be a cause of Second Hand Fat? Is it the people you’ll inspire or influence? Is it your energy, longevity, happiness, attractiveness, or self-esteem? Pick the one that most excites you. What can you do to accelerate and increase the chances for the realization of that exciting benefit?

Endurance: What do I/we do to get past this personally or collectively as quickly as possible?

Pace influences energy, optimism, and results and results turn the flywheel, creating more positive momentum and results. Given this force, how can you harness it to your advantage? Consider the actions you’ve selected from the prior Control, Ownership, Reach, and Endurance Questions. For each action, ask yourself, if had to do it sooner, how quickly could you begin? Is there any reason one or more of your top three actions couldn’t begin today? Even right now?

Let’s be clear and honest. “Creating a plan” or “Trying to be more aware,” is not action. In fact, if your action includes the word “try,” it’s not nearly as likely to happen as if it includes a word like “do.” Also, the brain responds to intense specificity. Saying, “This holiday season I should probably drink less alcohol, eat more sensibly, and exercise more,” is relatively meaningless, especially when compared to, “Starting this evening, I will limit my self to one glass of wine, taste but not finish dessert, cut back on carbs, and go for walks with my sweetheart after dinner, at least four nights per week.” Doing something, taking real strides, no matter how small, creates momentum and pace toward real results. Having your Second Hand Fat mitigating actions inspired by the idea of contributing to and positively influencing others is a great way to get outside your own skin, and get inside the enlightened Second Hand Fat mindset.

Ultimately, the Second Hand Fat Mindset helps us bust out of thickening the walls of The Obesity Ghetto Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance, before it’s too late. Fueled by the obstacle-busting, possibility-spawning Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance Questions, the Second Hand Fat mindset naturally inspires us to individually and collectively own our health. It compels us to live up to the elevating moral choice to do all we can to contribute a healthy body to our loved ones and society, for as long as we can, in spite of all the very real ways in which the world around us may be conspiring to prevent that from happening.

The Obesity Ghetto (TOG)

CORE: Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance, the four components that make up a person’s AQ®, or response to adversity.

Complex, Accelerating, Global, Epidemic (CAGE)

Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance CORE)

Second Hand Fat (SHF)


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