Wonderful Virtues of Earth

To purify mind, we need to broaden ourselves with activities of compassion so as to gradually get rid of the self-centered habits. To broaden ourselves, we should fill mind with pleasant thoughts. We have to make our mind like earth, because earth has wonderful virtues. Earth never expresses anything angrily, because it is not swayed and is completely indifferent when the rich and famous, sages and saints, or perfect people walk over earth. The earth is not swayed and is completely indifferent.

Earth is not involved or affected by favorable or dangerous situations. Earth always welcomes all kinds of situations. It will not take or give up anything, is never confused, is never swayed or attracted by anything, never starts an idea or gives up an idea, peacefully enjoys leisure and endures patiently, and is completely serene. These are some of the beautiful virtues of the earth that we step on every day.

If you have no mind to all living things, then what is the harm of letting these things surround you? We should learn the spiritual part of earth and cultivate broad and generous mind. When you face favorable situations or dangerous situations, you can still do everything without the least worry and feel comfortable and able to do anything of your own free will.

When you meet somebody, perhaps the person you like the least in your life, a person who looks at you with dirty stares, do you still feel comfortable and free? As a matter of fact, in these kinds of moments, there is a fight between holiness and wisdom and the evil influence. If we use the worldly words; it’s like a fight between good and bad. Becoming good or bad is all dependent on our mind.

Good and bad are decided by our mind and share our mind. When good defeats bad, the whole of our mind is good. If bad defeat good, the whole of our mind becomes bad. From this angle, you might have an idea that good and bad are all from our mind. The way our mind treats the situations we face, creates the difference between holiness, wisdom and temptations or evil influence. If mind is contaminated by situations, mind becomes bad. If mind is not contaminated by situations, the mind becomes good.


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