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Real, Connected and Vulnerable

Real, Connected and Vulnerable

Real, Connected and Vulnerable

Marriage is for life. Man and woman joined in wedding are the fortunate one working together in God’s resolve that life should go on. God joins both the life-giving and love-giving aspects of man and woman’s sexuality into one reality in marriage. What God has joined man must not divide, therefore love and life in matrimony must not be alienated. The two have been brought together as one gift by God.

God is love and love’s greatest expression is in the child born of a virtuous, whole family. Family is the base of civilization. Broken families have really no good taste, etiquette, or education and are violent. The family unit is the origin of humanity itself. The Holy Trinity is woman, man, and baby. We as a society, of any race, need to rebuild the community and indeed heal the world as a whole by rebuilding the family unit, giving our children, mothers and fathers who stay together in dedicated, genuine relationships.

Now it is acceptable and even preferred by some to be the "side chick", "side piece" or tolerate "open relationships", promiscuity, and noncommittal sexual unions. This destroys human divinity and is not in God’s vision of whole and supreme love. Children are broken when their parenthood is broken.

It is a prayer that we be wise and desire wholeness for ourselves and our progeny. Woman’s highest blessing is to love and live justly. Her greatest role is The Great Mother. She desires to manifest love in the world in all forms, not merely romantic, sexual love, as is commonly and erroneously believed. Woman creates romantic love to open the way for real, connected, vulnerable intimacy.


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