It Is All In Mindset

Babies don’t worry about making mistakes or humble themselves. They walk, they fall, and they get up and go. As you approach a challenge, you might question your ability to do it. You might think you don’t have the talent to meet that challenge. Then there is lingering question, what if I fail—I will be a failure. People will laugh at me for thinking I had talent to handle the challenge. If I don’t try, I can protect myself and keep my dignity.

As you hit a setback, you might feel that this would have been very easy if you really had talent. You sensed the risk and have shown people how limited you are. You can give up, make excuses, and could have regained self-respect. As you face criticism, hear the criticism and take responsibility to fix it. Listen to criticism though it is very painful and find out whatever you can.

How you understand challenges, setbacks, and criticism is your choice. You can interpret them as a sign that you lack talent or ability. You can also interpret them as a sign that you need to rise up your strategies and effort, stretch yourself, and expand your abilities. It’s up to you to choose.

Over time, what course of action you take becomes your natural choice. You will take on the challenge wholeheartedly and learn from your setbacks and try again. Practice seeing both sides of a challenge, and act with a growth mindset.

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