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Mind Wandering is Opposite of Mindfulness

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Our minds wander, on average 50 percent of the time. Noticing where your mind has gone disengages your brain from where it has wandered and activates brain circuits that can help your attention get unstuck and return to the work at hand. A simple mental exercise such as watching your breath, noticing when your mind has wandered off, letting go of the wandering thought and bringing it back to your breath again acts like a mental workout; the equivalent of repetitions in lifting free weights: Every repetition strengthens the muscle a bit more. In mindfulness what gets stronger are the brain’s circuits for noticing when your mind has wandered, letting go, and returning to your chosen focus. That is just what we need to stay with during that one important task we are working on.


Posted January 18, 2017 by dranilj1 in Brain Myths

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