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Quite Mind

Our brain is the center of all our perceptions. More acute and alert our perception is more sensitive and sharper our brain will be. Brain is also the place where memory resides. Brain is where our experiences, knowledge and tradition are stored. Our brain’s pursuits are all planned, clearly thought out in accordance to reason and logic and all reasons and logic functions in limitation of space and time. The brain cannot understand the complete mind. When our mind is free of greed, envy, ambition, then it can comprehend that which is real.

Love is completeness. The word “love” shows up about 85 times in the Gospels. We know that parental love includes setting boundaries, meting out consequences, and training that can be boring. Even friendship love involves speaking the honest truth, even when it hurts, but I suspect that the charges against us as unloving people have nothing to do with these sorts of things. I suspect that it has to do with what we do because we do not trust the power of love in practice. We rely on force, argument, judgment and authority instead.

Love is the constant feeling of completeness when you are with that someone and not wanting that moment to end for anything. Our brain must develop. Its development will always be from a cause, from a reaction, from violence to non-violence. Our brain has developed from the primitive state. However, refined, intelligent, technical, our mind is, it is still within the confines of space and time.

Humility’s twin is anonymity. Let your brain became very quiet, fully alive with every sense being alert. Such brain is something that is immensely alive, vibrant and then it is not merely a gadget of recording. Self-critical awareness is essential. Imagination and illusion distort clear observation. Illusion will always exist, so long as the urge for the continuation of pleasure and the avoidance of pain exist. Seeking of pleasure and the avoidance of pain always breed illusion. To get away the illusion altogether, understand pain and pleasure, not by control or sublimation, identification or denial of pain and pleasure.

When your mind is quiet your can observe honestly. Can our mind be ever quiet? It can be, when mind becomes very sensitive and is devoid of its extraordinary power of distortion. Nothing ever goes away as long as it does not teach us that we need to know! I am at the same time enchanted and repelled by the intimidating inexhaustibility of life’s variety!


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