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Success is Not Measured by Results

As we get educated, we realize that jealousy is ignorance and any sort of imitation is suicide. We come to the understanding that for better or worse even though the world is full of good, picking someone’s knowledge and understanding will leave us dissatisfied. We have to do our own internal work. Don’t rely on an earthly authority or society to tell you what is right for you to do. Your destiny is unique to you. The power in you is new, and no one but you know what you can do, and one will not know what one is endowed innately until one has tried. Each of us has been made the way we are so that we can see our own truth. Each of us will receive the truth that is right for us. Do not strive for perfection. Let us only try to commit all our effort and attention to the goals we are trying to accomplish. Genuinely, put time, hard work, and dedication into your craft, whatever task you are doing. It does not matter how minuscule the task is, do it with all your effort. Success is not measured by results. Success is you attempting something with intentions of doing your best. This is something that we continually should try to live by.

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