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Love is everywhere, not everyone recognizes this because we do not fully comprehend what love is. For some, love is an emotion shared between two individuals, involving a deep connection and intimacy. Ask someone to define what love is, and they will freeze, trying to come up with a coherent reply. In the end, they might just say it is something that cannot be truly defined. Even the most brilliant minds seem to have trouble assigning a proper and accurate definition for love.

Love has connections with our behavior and attitude, and since it is, at its core, an emotion, it can be studied subjectively and analyzed systematically. Love appears to be most profound and even mysterious emotion because of the broad and large area it encompasses.

John Allan Lee, a Canadian psychologist, came up with the Color Wheel Theory of Love. He introduced six major types of love, divided into two categories, namely, primary and secondary.

Primary types of love comprise love of beauty or erotic love, then we have ludic love where love is a game and the measure of victory is the number of partners one has. Third is storge love, like loving someone through the fondness of familiarity, family members or people who relate in familiar ways who have bonded by chance. For example, love between best friends and companions. It puts a high value on one’s loyalties, duties and responsibilities toward others. This is the peaceful and uncomplicated kind of love, no passionate heat involved, no tumultuous storm of feelings, no angst, and certainly no rollercoaster rides of emotions.

Secondary types of love involve manic love; this love is self-explanatory and the second is the most practical type of love called pragmatic love, which is very practical and mutually very beneficial, lastly we have agape love which is the purest form of love, derives its definition from being unselfish towards one’s partner. This love is willing to endure difficulty that arises from the partner’s circumstance with an unbreakable commitment and an unconditional, selfless love that is all giving. It is an undying love that is full of compassion and selflessness.


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