Fear of Fear

Fear is a permanently formed neuronal circuit in all creatures.  Young children fear because they are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves.  Men fear fear because they associate such emotions with a dangerous lack of control over the self and world.  To avoid this, men gravitate away from the emotional world of fear and anxiety toward a more analytical and objective life in which logic rules over feelings.  Fear, kept unexamined and dammed up for too long, will then manifest in excess when a crisis really arrives.  In humans and in all animals, the purpose of fear is to promote survival.  Our will and reason are powerless against the imagination of a danger which has never been experienced.

We feed our fears in five patterns.  We are always looking for things to support our fear when they are not there.  We have recognize fear for what it is, and challenge the thought.  We sometimes decide there is nothing we can do to get over the fear, that we are just going to be stuck with it. ‘Don’t give in. You are in control.  Automatic thoughts take over when you let the chatterbox in your head run riot, change the voice or tell it to shut up.  Some of us imagine our demise in glorious technicolor. Now you run the scary movie in your head in black and white so you drain the color, turn the sound down, mess around with the image in your head until it has less power to affect you.

The solution for the fear of fear is to recognize the patterns for what they are and then break them.


Posted July 5, 2017 by dranilj1 in Brain Myths

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