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Silence Blazoned In Words

  • The world does not need words. It articulates itself in sunlight, leaves, and shadows. The stones on the path are no less real for lying uncatalogued and uncounted.  The fluent leaves speak only the dialect of pure being and one word transforms it into something less or other.  Yet the stones remain less real to those who cannot name them, or read the mute syllables graven in silica.  To see a red stone is less than seeing it as jasper – metamorphic quartz, cousin to the flint the Kiowa carved as arrowheads. To name is to know and remember.  The sunlight needs no praise piercing the rainclouds, painting the rocks and leaves with light, then dissolving each lucent droplet back into the clouds that engendered it.  The daylight needs no praise, and so we praise it always – greater than ourselves and all the airy words we summon.

Posted August 18, 2017 by dranilj1 in Creative Thinking

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