Never cling to in your mind the recollection of unpleasant thing that has passed!

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Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we are settling for!!!!!!

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Sex After Cesarean Operation


Your body needs time to heal after cesarean section. You need at least 10 weeks of rest before you can resume sexual activities. Cervix needs time to close any tears and repaired cuts to heal, and for the post-delivery bleeding to stop. You have to wait before having sex if you feel like doing it. Factors that can cause delay in resuming sex life include fatigue, fear of pain and stress of the operation.

After undergoing a cesarean section, it is required that you wait for 10 weeks before having sexual intercourse. It is best practice to wait until your doctor examines you to assess how well the incision and the healing process have occurred. It is very important for the post-delivery bleeding and pain to stop before you can go ahead and have intercourse.

You will have some pain during sex after cesarean section. Some women will have pain even after the doctor gives a clean chit. The type of pain mostly experienced by women during sex after cesarean section is a burning sensation than a stretching pain. Most women feel that the pain is due to abnormality in the vaginal path; however, if there were any abnormalities, the doctor will pick it up during the examination.

Women who have had cesarean sections for more than one child complain of painful sex each time they resume the activity; however, the pain ends after a few repetitions. Using lubrication will ease the pain and uneasiness. If you happen to feel the discomfort and pain during sex, you have to ask your husband to wait until you are ready. Once the pain stops, you will be able to enjoy sex again. On the other hand, if you feel that the pain is too much to bear, you can consider holding out for a much longer time without sex. This gives your body more time to heal appropriately. After a few weeks, you will be able to enjoy sex without the pain.

Before resuming sex with your wife, it is very important to find out how she feels about things. Does she feel physically, emotionally, psychologically ready to resume lovemaking? Giving birth and caring for a new baby are huge, exhausting life events. In addition to healing from the cesarean section, hormone shifts and sleep deprivation in the weeks after birth are important factors. Have a frank conversation with your wife to find out how she’s feeling about resuming intercourse with you. This is where negotiating and finding common ground are very important. There are ways to ensure that mans needs are taken care of, if not by your wife, then by yourself. Wife also has needs, and the new baby certainly has needs, so if wife cannot meet husband’s needs at this time, then it is important to take care of yourself. Hopefully, this leaves you with the "relief" you need so that you and your wife can love and be tender with each other as partners and as parents.

Start with the positions you find most comfortable. For example, side by side would be a good idea. This will put the least pressure on your abdomen, which is where the incision is done. The abdomen remains painful for a while and you are advised to put the least pressure on the abdomen. As you recover, you can try out other positions. Ask your husband to be careful not to blow air into your vagina as it can enter the bloodstream, and this can be dangerous.

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I Forget Those Who Forget My Dignity.


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From birth to death we in secret, deceitfully or clearly chase pleasure.

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