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Qualities of Nature Are Human Construct



The accepted view of reality holds that human beings exist in the context of a vast physical universe “out there.” I doubt this description because there are no color, sound, textures, patterns, scent, and beauty – nothing of this kind in the natural world. All these qualities from the fragrance of jasmine to the sting of a honey bee and the taste of honey are produced by human beings, essentially the same as photon quanta of light has no color, such qualities are only in the biology of perception and the organs or capacities for perception that are subtle and, in a sense, invisible. There are capacities for inner seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and so on that have to do with the perception of the inner realm. There are capacities for intuition, direct cognition, synthesis, discrimination, and so on. All of these capacities are fueled by the substance of essence…These organs or capacities are connected to various energetic centers in the body that animate both the body and the human mind.

The existence of the physical universe “out there” and our participation in such a universe must be seriously questioned!


Red Spotlight by PelicanPete

Via Flickr:

Saturday Night Sunset ~ Florida Everglades

The Grand ~ Quarta Sunset 75 by PelicanPete

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Grand Tetons ~ #93 in Explore 8/2/11
Beaver Creek, Wyoming U.S.A.

Handsome Mr. Brown by PelicanPete

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Brown Pelican – in the wild on the shores of Florida Bay
South Florida ~ Tavernier, Florida ~ Florida Keys U.S.A.

(one more handsome brown-pelican photo in the comments)

The Brown Pelican is a small pelican found in the Americas. It is one of the best known and most prominent birds found in the coastal areas of the southern and western United States. It is one of only 3 pelican species found in the Western Hemisphere. The Brown Pelican is one of the only two pelican species which feeds by diving into the water, and it is an amazing sight to see!

Through most of its range, the brown pelican is an unmistakable bird. Like all pelicans, this species has a very large bill (11 to 13.7 inches long) with a gular pouch on the bottom for draining water when it scoops out prey. The head is white but often gets a yellowish wash in adult birds. The bill is grayish overall in most birds, though breeding birds become reddish on the underside of the throat. The back, rump, and tail are streaked with gray and dark brown, sometimes with a rusty hue. In adult pelicans, the breast and belly are a blackish-brown and the legs and feet are black. Juveniles have brownish-gray necks & white underparts.

This bird is readily distinguished from the American White Pelican by its non-white plumage, smaller size and its habit of diving for fish from the air, as opposed to co-operative fishing from the surface. The Peruvian Pelican, previously considered a subspecies of Brown Pelican, is now considered to be a separate species. It has very similar plumage to the Brown, but it is noticeably larger. The Brown and Peruvian pelicans may overlap in some areas along the Pacific coast of South America.

Member of the Nature’s Spirit
Good Stewards of Nature

Stormy Skylight by PelicanPete

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Pink Flamingo ~ #78 in Explore 7/18/13
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Scarlet Passion by PelicanPete

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The vibrant Scarlet Passion Flower ~ Miami, Florida

(five more photos in the comments)

Flicker of Hope by PelicanPete

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Sunset Saturday Night ~ Florida Everglades
(click more comments to see 8-shot sunset series)

update: This area is closed right now due to the the Government Shutdown, so for the first time in years I am unable to visit the area that I love, at the time that I love to visit it. This (above) was taken last weekend, a few days before. Such a shame. Life is too short.

follow up: After hearing of a looming Government Shutdown that was “on the cusp” I figured I’d go to my favorite spot one last time last weekend to catch the migrating flocks in the Autumn sunset light with a “flicker of hope” that this shutdown would be a short and “light fight”. We are all “feeling blue” as our leaders insist on living “on the wild side”. We are being dragged through this “Autumn cauldron” with so many people affected. I truly hope and pray that this senseless dispute ends as quickly as possible. My favorite National Wildlife Refuge is now closed…indefinitely. Such a shame. Life is too short.

Update: The Government shutdown is over today 10/17/13 !
The National parks have re-opened. Hallelujah.

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