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Observe With Care and Sincerity

All images, ideas, and sensations formed by our mind without direct input from the senses, such as seeing or hearing together with our erroneous mental representation distort all of our observation with care and sincerity.


Posted February 9, 2017 by dranilj1 in Cognitive Biases

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Lives Impacted By Your Life



The goal is not to be better than anyone else but rather be better than you were yesterday. Do your best to make a positive impact on others and the world. Live in such a way that people will miss you. Smile like you mean it. Be an encourager. Share your gifts and talents. Be original. Be memorable. Show people you care. Be positively contagious. Help others be their best by giving them your best. Make memories.

Knowing how you want to be remembered helps you decide how to live today, and living in such a way that people will miss you ensures you will leave the greatest of legacies – lives impacted by your life. Purpose is our ultimate guidance system that provides us with direction for our lives. Purpose fuels us with passion, and this passion gives us confidence and vitality to go after our dreams. To live without purpose is to wander aimlessly through life like dust in the wind. You become one of the walking dead, meandering among the living. But when you find your purpose, you discover the power that fuels all of creation. You find your reason for existing. You find the path you were meant to travel and the passion to thrive on your journey.

How will you choose to make a positive impact?

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Dream Within Dream


When I dream the dream of paradise, I see a picture of you. When I dream the dream of love and care, I see a picture of us two. When I dream a dream of loneliness, I see a shadow on the wall looking back at me like I’m nothing at all, but those dreams are quickly chased away when I wake up to a sunny day and I see your pretty face right by my side. When I dream a dream of smiling, the room is full of you. If I dream a dream of candy land, the sweetest thing is you. If the nightmare comes along to say its fond goodbyes, the thought of you will stop it before those dreams arise because with you sharing my life my dream will always come out right and tomorrow will always be another day. If I dream a dream while I’m awake, that dream will be of you. If I dream a dream of wedding cakes, I’ll dream a dream of you. When I dream a dream of a loving soul mate, that dream will be of you. If I dream a dream of growing old, I’ll be growing old with you. If my dream were ever to come true, I know it will be because of you and that’s the reason I love you so.

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