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Qualities of Nature Are Human Construct



The accepted view of reality holds that human beings exist in the context of a vast physical universe “out there.” I doubt this description because there are no color, sound, textures, patterns, scent, and beauty – nothing of this kind in the natural world. All these qualities from the fragrance of jasmine to the sting of a honey bee and the taste of honey are produced by human beings, essentially the same as photon quanta of light has no color, such qualities are only in the biology of perception and the organs or capacities for perception that are subtle and, in a sense, invisible. There are capacities for inner seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and so on that have to do with the perception of the inner realm. There are capacities for intuition, direct cognition, synthesis, discrimination, and so on. All of these capacities are fueled by the substance of essence…These organs or capacities are connected to various energetic centers in the body that animate both the body and the human mind.

The existence of the physical universe “out there” and our participation in such a universe must be seriously questioned!


Scarlet Passion by PelicanPete

Via Flickr:

The vibrant Scarlet Passion Flower ~ Miami, Florida

(five more photos in the comments)

Stunning Wildflowers by Andrew

Via Flickr:

Wildflowers of Libanus, Ebbw Vale (yes Ebbw Vale). Beautiful. Well done to whoever had the foresight to put these flowers here, they are lovely and take your mind off the fact that for some reason you always get stopped by the lights.

Skinny Dip Falls Surprise by Phil Varney

Via Flickr:

As a heads up, the ‘surprise’ at Skinny Dip Falls isn’t nearly as exciting as you might think, given the name. I really had no idea that I was hiking to Skinny Dip Falls until I made it there. I had seen pictures of the falls before, but had no idea where it was. I was making my way along the Blue Ridge Parkway to Black Balsam Knob, and had several long hours to spend before sunset. There were loads of cars parked along the road at a trailhead before Graveyard Fields, so I figured I might as well check out the trail. I typically use the NatGeo topo maps, which do not indicate Skinny Dip Falls (or any falls at this location, for that matter). So, I was surprised when the trail came to a nice platform and bridge, with Skinny Dip Falls lurking there in the woods! For better or worse, there wasn’t any skinny dipping going on at this particular time. I really didn’t take too many shots here. I forgot my water shoes in the car, and as I made it here the skies turned an ominous gray. So in there interest of not getting soaked, I hiked back to the car to finish the drive the Black Balsam Knob.

Big Creek by Phil Varney

Via Flickr:

Hiking along the Big Creek Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina. Big Creek is, as the name suggests, a fairly size-able creek in the north eastern portion of the park, near I-40. There are quite a few good backcountry sites along the trail, and from the trail you can create many good loops involving the AT, Mt. Sterling, etc. The only downside is the further drive from Atlanta. Also, the road into the Big Creek area seems to close with some regularity, as of late. The fall colors along Big Creek several years ago were amazing, as evidenced here.

Tulips. by Augustyn Batko

Via Flickr:

In the garden.

Fire in the sky by Pásztor András on Flickr.

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