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A Delicate Balance

Right Here, Right Now, Do You See? Can you imagine? What would happen? If we could have any dream, I’d wish this moment was ours to

own it and that it would never leave, then I would thank that star that made our wish come true, because he knows that where you are is

where I should be too. Right here, right now, I’m looking at you and my heart loves the view because you mean everything. Right here, I’ll

promise you somehow that tomorrow can wait for some other day to be, but right now there’s you and me. If this was forever, what could

be better? We already proved it was but that two thousand one hundred twenty three hours blend in the universe going to make

everything in our whole world change; it’s our change, and you know that where we are will never be the same. Oh! We know it’s coming,

and it’s coming fast as long as there is you and me, so let’s make our second last, make it last! Oh! You and me, right now there’s you and

me; a delicate balance, she has got the kind of ethereal, unselfconscious beauty some young girls possess that breaks your heart or theirs!!!!

AniLJaiN006_2012 11 21_085048

AniLJaiN001_2012 11 21_085047

AniLJaiN003_2012 11 21_085047

AniLJaiN005_2012 11 21_085047

AniLJaiN004_2012 11 21_085047

AniLJaiN002_2012 11 21_085047


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