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If Not Now, When!

Have you started to think about what changes you would like to make in this moment? Who do you really want to be? It’s your time; will you take it higher? Stop judging and start committing. Where you are currently is just a result of all you have thought and done in the past. If you want a different future, simply commit to life-enhancing changes. If you hate where you are and thinking only about what you don’t like, you are giving life exactly what you want to let go of. Bring love in and think about exactly what it is you do want.

When you are thinking about the changes you want to make in your life: ask what you want? Why do you want it? Are you willing to commit to what you want? Can you do it? Will you do it? Do you act out of love? How will your life be different afterwards? How will you be different afterwards?

Take whatever steps you can take every day and know that whatever you can do is enough, but important is do what you can do. Show the powerful intention to make the changes you would like to see. If you intend and expect the best for your future, it is a universal law that that is exactly what you will see. Make the process of creating and living a life you love, in a body you love, a loving promise you make to yourself, and let this be the moment, because if not now, when?

Every human being possesses a creative capacity. Pure energy is emanating from the source of the universe, and each of us receives a steady supply of this energy. How we use it from moment to moment determines our own future and the future of the world. This universal energy has infinite potential. Each of us assigns a shape to that energy by means of our thoughts and words. This is the process of creation.


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I Want To Love Me

We have all hurt others and used our power in a way that goes against the universal laws of loving creation. We are learning through karma, pain and difficulty and are in a lower state of consciousness at this time. We simply do not know any better. We do not know what we are doing. We are stuck in duality with a very low state of consciousness simply reacting from its own source of inner pain and spreading it to everyone we come into contact with.

When we begin to awake, we will see our behavioral patterns. This is spiritual eye opening. We were once blind, but now we see. It is a positive sign of our soul’s ascension. We see our behavioral patterns and are willing to accept responsibility for our life and the way we treat others. We have the courage to face our self and the life we have created. As we face God or Goddess, we face the self.

During this soul’s ascension, it is common to be filled with guilt. Guilt does have value, in that it teaches us how not to be. Guilt does not feel good, so it is imperative for us to feel our guilt, but at the same time work on forgiveness of the self. One should not hold onto guilt, it will hold back soul’s ascension. We should respect our self and our soul’s evolution.

Negative lessons are just as valid as positive ones. Every soul interaction has a lesson. In fact, it is oftentimes our pain that is the catalyst for transformation. Most people who choose to ascend go through so much pain in their lives they finally decide to give up. However, in order to move beyond our karmic lessons, we need to clean up our soul, and heal the negative energies within us that want to create painful circumstances for ourselves and others.

When negative energy is created within our being, it doesn’t just go away. We will have to raise the negative energy to a higher vibration; this is soul alchemy, where we turn our darkness into the light of the Christ or buddhic consciousness. As we evolve, all negativity begins to rise to the surface. This is a very uncomfortable time period, where the old negative ego begins to be transformed by the higher self. The ego feels like it is dying. The Ego feels lost, confused, uncertain, and doubtful and is full of pain from its negative creations. During this period, we must commit to our transformation through positive thinking, spiritual practice of meditation, prayer, self forgiveness and self love allowing self to surrender to our higher soul. Self love and forgiveness are imperative to our transformation, and it entails immense effort. Meditation helps to tap into the loving vibrations within our self, and also looking our self in the mirror and telling our self how much we love our self. This is very difficult in the beginning. We will shy away and will not want to look in our eyes, but as we persist, we will yield.

Eventually, we start to love our self as it truly is. We need to disband all the static interference in our energy field that blocks us from fully tapping into truth. Energy working through Universal Life Force Energy helps us clear these blocks. Energy healers are invaluable, and they are located all over the world. Find one you resonate with. Yoga, running, fast walking or any kind of exercise also helps us move energy in the energy field so we can move the painful blocks that we are stuck in.

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Light of Truth

The man who in his life on earth refuses to acknowledge that there is also life after death, and that sooner or later he will be forced to render account for all that he has done and all that he has left undone, is blind and deaf when he one day has to pass over into the Ethereal World. Only during the days and weeks while he still remains connected with his discarded physical body will he be able partially to observe what goes on around him.

Once we are free from disintegrating physical body this possibility is lost to us! We no longer see or hear anything. That, however, is not punishment, but quite natural, because we do not want to see or hear anything of the Ethereal World. Our own will, which can quickly form ethereal matter corresponding to it, prevents our ethereal body from seeing as well as hearing until gradually a change takes place in our soul. Whether this takes years or decades, perhaps even centuries, is the concern of each individual. We can exercise our free will untrammeled. Help will only come to us when we ourselves long for it. Not before! It will never be forced upon us!

The light which the soul makes the acquaintance with such great joy when it starts to see is always there, but previously the soul was unable to see it. This light is also clearer and stronger than it appears at first sight to the hitherto blind soul. How the soul sees it, whether strong or weak, depends entirely on the condition of the soul itself. The light does not come closer of its own accord, but it is there! The soul can enjoy it at any time, if it humbly and earnestly wishes to do so. However, what I am clearing up here applies only to this particular kind of human soul. It does not necessarily apply to others. In the region of darkness and its planes there is no light. There it is impossible for us who advances inwardly to be able suddenly to see the light, for we must first be led out of the surroundings which hold us.

The condition of the soul depicted here may surely be called miserable, because it is filled with a great fear and is void of all hope, but it did not wish it otherwise. It now receives only what it forced upon itself. It had refused to believe in a conscious life after physical death. But the soul cannot abolish this continuation of life for itself, because it has no jurisdiction over it. It only builds for itself a barren ethereal plane, paralyzing the senses of the ethereal body, so that it can neither see nor hear ethereally until the soul itself finally changes its attitude. These are the souls which can be found by the million on earth today. Apart from the fact that they refuse all knowledge about God and eternity, they can still be called decent. The fate of the evil-minded is naturally much worse, but we shall not speak about them here, only about the so-called respectable people.

When it is said that God will stretch forth His Hand to help, this is done in the Word which He sends out to mankind, showing them how they can redeem themselves from the guilt in which they have become entangled. From the very beginning, He has shown His Mercy in all the great possibilities placed freely at the disposal of human spirits in Creation. This is so overwhelming that the man of today cannot even conceive it because he never concerned himself with it seriously enough! Wherever he did, however, it was only as a pastime or for the purpose of vain self-aggrandizement!

Delighted Earth

The Sun; hearth of affection and life, pours burning love on the delighted earth…

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Neuroscience Perspective of Religion & Spirituality

There is quandary to appreciate religion and spirituality from a neuroscience viewpoint. It cannot be explained by analyzing the simplest, most basic mechanisms that are in operation. Spirituality and brain are as connected as speaker and the source of the music coming from speaker. Transmitter or a receiver is not the basis of the frequency stimulus.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created the problem. Most people do not understand it is not levels of intelligence. There is difference between consciousness and intelligence. Most scientific theories describing the fundamental nature of the universe treat the existence of life–of intelligence–as an evolutionary afterthought or “lucky accident;" which somehow occurred by mere chance. Integrated Theory of Intelligence rejects this view as fundamentally lacking. In this effort, intelligence-consciousness is proposed as an intrinsic aspect of existence just as fundamental as the known attributes of matter-energy and space-time, forming with them an interdependent process of ongoing creation that has resulted in our present universe.

Levels of consciousness exist such as personal consciousness, mankind consciousness, amphibious consciousness, spherical consciousness, crystal consciousness, light consciousness and sound consciousness in a frequency spectrum, just as there is a frequency spectrum of radio signals. Perception of reality varies significantly based upon the operational frequency of consciousness utilized at the moment of the experience. The purpose of religion and spirituality is to raise the operational frequency of consciousness by cleansing anchors which inhibit movement to higher frequencies, and to focus on directing our consciousness toward the higher frequency levels.

Many scientists say that the materialistic approach does not work. For me, it appears to be a true statement based upon the limited perception available at the level of operational frequency of consciousness the scientists are utilizing. However, at the higher frequencies of consciousness, attributes of consciousness, such as thoughts, become real physical tangible objects. The “Tower of Babel” concept in Christian scriptures is an excellent analogy to understand the attributes of consciousness. Loosely speaking, the point is that consciousness is unlikely to arise from classical properties of matter. The more we understand the structure and the fabric of the brain, the less we understand how consciousness can occur at all, which are well known and well testable.

By changing the operational frequency level of consciousness to higher levels, and adjusting perception of reality to the attributes of that specific level, thoughts and individual’s stored memories become real physical tangible objects to perception. Memories are stored as holograms, but not in the dendritic web. The neuropsychological research into components and processes of consciousness, conceptual dimensions of “consciousness” are to be distinguished, with an emphasis on consciousness in the sense of awareness, wakefulness, and control of overt behavior. Conscious events interact with memory systems in learning, rehearsal and retrieval. Our tool for this exploration should be flexible cognitive cycle employed and interaction between conscious contents and several of the memory systems, they provide the means for an exceptionally fine-grained analysis of various cognitive tasks. We should apply this tool to the small effect size of subliminal learning compared to supraliminal learning, to process dissociation, to implicit learning, to recognition versus recall, and to the availability heuristic in recall. This model elucidates the role of consciousness in the updating of perceptual memory, transient episodic memory, and procedural memory.

In most cases, memory is hypothesized to interact with conscious events for its normal functioning and derived from an empirically based, but broad and qualitative computational model of human cognition. The previously non-physical thoughts become physical at the higher operational levels of consciousness. We can touch these physical thoughts and stimulate the corresponding physical body that generated or is attached to these thoughts to respond with observable and measurable physical movement. It is a direct cause and effect relationship, able to be performed repeatedly with the same exact response to the same exact stimulus.

It is Important to ask probing questions, but bias can influence the questions we ask and the conclusions we draw; called faulty syllogisms. Observing the physical body movement response indicates who the stored memory involved, how old the subject was when the event occurred, and how the subject formulated a perception-response to the event. By this approach, we can bypass all sensory stimulation, the critical mind and conscious perception. The result is an unbiased stimulated emotional subconscious response that indicates the attributes of the stored memory. The process is repeatable and the same response will always be obtained as long as the stored memory is not reformulated. Utilizing this method allows reading stored memories all the way back to conception.

The method allows reading stored memories of an individual much the way x-rays read bones. They are what they are, not some intuitive psychobabble. We can work with one we know nothing about and avoid intellectual bias. Research is underway to know the attributes of consciousness and the neurobiological connected responses in the physical body. It is relatively easy to detect the exact stored memory in consciousness that is anchored in a manifested physical illness or tension in the body.

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Happy Earth Day!

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Our Real Inner Self

We should live in a world which belongs to our real inner self or original nature of human being. This world is bright and brilliant, where there is no dispute and we are not bothered by material concerns. It is pure and peaceful, enjoying leisure and not sorrowful; but we never try to act in response to this world, we never try to be a friend of Our Real Inner Self. The only thing we do day in and day out is to try and climb up socially. This is what is called; attending to the superficies and neglecting the essentials.

When our real inner self is led astray by human desires, and we all know that desires are bottomless; we all will not be able to do anything of our own free will, and we become the slaves of human desires. The power of temptation of human desire is brutal. Some people always try to attain their desires with nefarious tactics. The moment we have a thought like this, the moment we lose the chance to contact our real inner self, we are going to be gone far away from purifying our mind.

Our mind will not stop producing thoughts because of human desires. Therefore, our real inner self will be clouded by material desires forevermore, and our original nature will be contaminated forevermore also. Why does our mind always produce thoughts? According to the experienced people’s idea; being greedy for everything, angry at everything, and not understanding the real truth is the most common evil ingredient in our mind. These evil ingredients poison mind strongly. That is the reason why our mind produces thoughts every minute of the day. What one is thinking of at any given moment is often evil thoughts. From this, we should understand that fighting these evil thoughts is the most important thing we are to do.

There are other ways to reduce thoughts in our mind. We have to try our level best to understand that all living things in the universe are equal; otherwise, we will have a special mind; which always looks at things from a dualistic perspective; for example, making a distinction between the good and the bad. All problems start here, such as forever pursuing our own ideas, always arguing, always hating, and always fighting and never stopping.

We should try to make our mind like Mother Earth, and be tolerant of other people’s mistakes, or wrongdoing or weaknesses. Try to express solicitude for friends, enemies, good, and bad equally. Try not to dispute or discuss in minute detail gaining or losing. Try not to be moved by sad or delighted things. Try not to feel so pleased when people respect or praise us. Try not to hate or abhor when people slight us. When people show their beautiful virtues like helping others, we should show our respect and join in their actions, and we should try not to be jealous of other people’s beautiful virtues. When we see people facing trouble, we should not gloat over their disaster.

The highest wisdom comes from a merciful heart, the merciful heart comes from solving people’s problems without any conditions and helping people to get peace, calm, and sagacity without any conditions either. If we look at things or treat things unequally, from here, all the worry, trouble, and prejudice will be produced right away. Thus if we want to purify our mind, we have to learn to treat things with level-headedness.

Someday, when we realize that all the beings are equal and could be blended or mixed together, and become one in some way, we will understand what real truth is!

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