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If Not Now, When!

Have you started to think about what changes you would like to make in this moment? Who do you really want to be? It’s your time; will you take it higher? Stop judging and start committing. Where you are currently is just a result of all you have thought and done in the past. If you want a different future, simply commit to life-enhancing changes. If you hate where you are and thinking only about what you don’t like, you are giving life exactly what you want to let go of. Bring love in and think about exactly what it is you do want.

When you are thinking about the changes you want to make in your life: ask what you want? Why do you want it? Are you willing to commit to what you want? Can you do it? Will you do it? Do you act out of love? How will your life be different afterwards? How will you be different afterwards?

Take whatever steps you can take every day and know that whatever you can do is enough, but important is do what you can do. Show the powerful intention to make the changes you would like to see. If you intend and expect the best for your future, it is a universal law that that is exactly what you will see. Make the process of creating and living a life you love, in a body you love, a loving promise you make to yourself, and let this be the moment, because if not now, when?

Every human being possesses a creative capacity. Pure energy is emanating from the source of the universe, and each of us receives a steady supply of this energy. How we use it from moment to moment determines our own future and the future of the world. This universal energy has infinite potential. Each of us assigns a shape to that energy by means of our thoughts and words. This is the process of creation.


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You Have To Have It to Give It

In this world, if you are going to give somebody a present, you must first have the gift, before you can give it. Though the focus of the contemplation is of “mental” giving, the same rule applies. To offer a thought to someone, it first must be in your mind before you can give it. You have to have it to give it. It must come from you. Even though someone else triggers the thought, you are the source.

We want to make the outside world our “cause” and thus its “effect” becomes its responsibility. That stance is easy for the negative situations; you can be quite comfortable with other people or situations making you upset, but what about the love. What about those loving thoughts don’t they come from the same place?

The contemplation has great power. Watch yourself and notice what you give and where it source is located. You consider taking ownership of your mood, your state of mind. Consider letting go of blaming the world for what is really going on inside of you. Consider that you have the power to change what you give it.

Let us see what happens when we play with this idea of contemplation, when we work with it, when we use it. The one thought that would be really quite powerful is, “To give, you must first have.” Now that is a very obvious thing to say. In our world, if you are going to give somebody a birthday present, first of all you have the gift, wrapped up or not wrapped up; you have to have the gift, before you can give it. This is not really what the focus is here. The focus is if you have a loving thought that you are offering to someone, or if you have joy that you are offering to someone, or are extending, or if you have anger and any of the negative feelings, it first must be in your self before you can give it. You have to have it to give it.

So that is a contemplation that takes you in a lot of directions. Somebody cuts you off in traffic, and you feel so angry at them, so upset with them, and you think, to give that anger, to give get upset, I first must have had it inside of me. It must already have been there. You know that is true because there are times when somebody cuts you off in a line, or butts in – any of those things – and many, many, many times you just look at them and let it happen and it is of no consequence. Then, there are those times when you are in traffic or somebody cuts you off and it is of consequence. Thinking about the fact that the anger was already present, is a very helpful thing. To extend that anger, to give it, it must already have been present within you. You take ownership of your mood, your state of mind. You cannot blame that other person or that other situation for what is really going on inside of you.

It is also great when you find that you are filled with a wonderful state of peace or love or joy or all three of them together, for when you are filled with that, you realize that you are just radiating it like the sun radiates light and heat. You radiate it. So that means, to give it, to give it off, to extend it, it must already be inside of you.

That is a wonderful contemplation. Just be with it; to give you must have, you must first have it. To realize that the times you have been upset, the times you have been triggered by someone, you must already have had the state within you, for that to come out of you. At the same time, and I have seen this a lot in Reiki, when someone comes for a Reiki session they are upset over some big, deep trauma or some major thing happening in their life, they are feeling very sad. They get Reiki. You put your hands all over their body and give them Reiki energy and balance them out, it balances them out. Then they just exude a sweet peacefulness. Well we didn’t give them peacefulness. Reiki didn’t give them peacefulness. All Reiki did was balance and clear out the fog bank that was over-top of the true state of the person; the true state that we all carry.

The negative state and the love are already present for you to give it. What you want to get rid of is all that negativity, just release it. Own it as yours and let it go. Let it go so that the inner darkness is moved out and what rises up, that you give and radiate, just by being yourself, is already present.

To give it, you must have it. I hope this is helpful. Peace to you.

I Want To Love Me

We have all hurt others and used our power in a way that goes against the universal laws of loving creation. We are learning through karma, pain and difficulty and are in a lower state of consciousness at this time. We simply do not know any better. We do not know what we are doing. We are stuck in duality with a very low state of consciousness simply reacting from its own source of inner pain and spreading it to everyone we come into contact with.

When we begin to awake, we will see our behavioral patterns. This is spiritual eye opening. We were once blind, but now we see. It is a positive sign of our soul’s ascension. We see our behavioral patterns and are willing to accept responsibility for our life and the way we treat others. We have the courage to face our self and the life we have created. As we face God or Goddess, we face the self.

During this soul’s ascension, it is common to be filled with guilt. Guilt does have value, in that it teaches us how not to be. Guilt does not feel good, so it is imperative for us to feel our guilt, but at the same time work on forgiveness of the self. One should not hold onto guilt, it will hold back soul’s ascension. We should respect our self and our soul’s evolution.

Negative lessons are just as valid as positive ones. Every soul interaction has a lesson. In fact, it is oftentimes our pain that is the catalyst for transformation. Most people who choose to ascend go through so much pain in their lives they finally decide to give up. However, in order to move beyond our karmic lessons, we need to clean up our soul, and heal the negative energies within us that want to create painful circumstances for ourselves and others.

When negative energy is created within our being, it doesn’t just go away. We will have to raise the negative energy to a higher vibration; this is soul alchemy, where we turn our darkness into the light of the Christ or buddhic consciousness. As we evolve, all negativity begins to rise to the surface. This is a very uncomfortable time period, where the old negative ego begins to be transformed by the higher self. The ego feels like it is dying. The Ego feels lost, confused, uncertain, and doubtful and is full of pain from its negative creations. During this period, we must commit to our transformation through positive thinking, spiritual practice of meditation, prayer, self forgiveness and self love allowing self to surrender to our higher soul. Self love and forgiveness are imperative to our transformation, and it entails immense effort. Meditation helps to tap into the loving vibrations within our self, and also looking our self in the mirror and telling our self how much we love our self. This is very difficult in the beginning. We will shy away and will not want to look in our eyes, but as we persist, we will yield.

Eventually, we start to love our self as it truly is. We need to disband all the static interference in our energy field that blocks us from fully tapping into truth. Energy working through Universal Life Force Energy helps us clear these blocks. Energy healers are invaluable, and they are located all over the world. Find one you resonate with. Yoga, running, fast walking or any kind of exercise also helps us move energy in the energy field so we can move the painful blocks that we are stuck in.

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Set Free the Power of Passion

To achieve great things, you need strong feelings. What drives high-achievers? The answer is passion. Why are feelings such a commanding motivator? An intense strong feeling is the last thing you think about before you go to bed at night and the first thing you think about when you wake up. Intense strong feeling is like an addiction, and if someone told you to stop, it would be unworkable for you to give it up. Those who have been fortunate enough to know and chase their passions don’t mind if they are getting paid to do it or not. It is a part of the purpose, the calling in life, and without it, a bit is lost.

Fervor stimulates will. Ardor turns have-to into want-to. If I want something badly enough I will find the resolve to attain it, and won’t stop attempting until I reach it. Zeal is the essence of dedication. Enthusiasm is what deeply stirs us. Passion is the fire from within that motivates us. When fervor is missing, actions lack meaning and we don’t get the results we desire. Passion is the seed from which devotion blossoms.

However, following our passion is not simple or easy as it sounds. Those once-in-a-lifetime moments where what someone loves to do fall right into lap is infrequent. For most people, making time in their lives to do what they love takes patience, hard work, and persistence. It also depends on what you are passionate about. Some are lucky enough to have passions that fit nicely into a business model or into the business world, so if they work hard enough, are patient enough, and are persistent enough, they can turn their passion into a realistic career. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego pursuing your passion.

Work is only one component of our lives or it should be. You need to make the commitment to find time and opportunities to get out and do things you feel intensely. In our overscheduled world, it is tough to carve out time to do things we truly love, but no one who seriously talks about pursuing their passion ever says it is easy. They do, however, unequivocally say that it is worth the effort.

It is vital to keep in mind that passion requires energy to grow and one of the best ways to get that energy is to share it with others. Just like a plant needs water, passion needs to be nurtured every day in order for it to grow to the point where it becomes understandable to the rest of the world. There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one we are capable of living.

What a feeling, first when there is nothing but a slow glowing dream that your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind. All alone, crying silent tears full of pride in a world made of steel, made of stone. Well, I hear the music, close my eyes, feel the rhythm, wrap around, and take a hold of my heart. What a feeling is being and believing. I can have it all, now I am dancing for my life. Take my passion and make it happen. Now pictures come alive, I can dance right through my life. Now I hear the music, close my eyes, I am rhythm. In a flash it takes hold of my heart. Now I really have it all.

Fascinating Story of Getting Energy from Food We Eat!

The proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides that make up most of the food we eat must be broken down into smaller molecules before our cells can use them either as a source of energy or as building blocks for other molecules. The breakdown processes must act on food taken in from outside, but not on the macromolecules inside our own cells. The enzymatic breakdown of food molecules is therefore digestion, which occurs either in our intestine outside cells, or in a specialized organelle within cells; the lysosome. A membrane that surrounds the lysosome keeps its digestive enzymes separated from the cytosol. In either case, the large polymeric molecules in food are broken down during digestion into their monomer subunits—proteins into amino acids, polysaccharides into sugars, and fats into fatty acids and glycerol through the action of enzymes. After digestion, the small organic molecules derived from food enter the cytosol of the cell, where their gradual oxidation begins. Oxidation occurs in two further stages of cellular catabolism. Stage 2 starts in the cytosol and ends in the major energy-converting organelle, the mitochondrion; stage 3 is entirely confined to the mitochondrion.

In stage 2 a chain of reactions called glycolysis converts each molecule of glucose into two smaller molecules of pyruvate. Sugars other than glucose are similarly converted to pyruvate after their conversion to one of the sugar intermediates in this glycolytic pathway. During pyruvate formation, two types of activated carrier molecules are produced; adenosine-5′-triphosphate and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. The pyruvate then passes from the cytosol into mitochondria. There, each pyruvate molecule is converted into carbon dioxide plus a two-carbon acetyl group; which becomes attached to coenzyme A, forming acetyl coenzyme A, another activated carrier molecule. Large amounts of acetyl coenzyme A are also produced by the stepwise breakdown and oxidation of fatty acids derived from fats, which are carried in the bloodstream, imported into cells as fatty acids, and then moved into mitochondria for acetyl coenzyme A production.

Stage 3 of the oxidative breakdown of food molecules takes place entirely in mitochondria. The acetyl group in acetyl coenzyme A is linked to coenzyme A through a high-energy linkage, and it is therefore easily transferable to other molecules. After its transfer to the four-carbon molecule oxaloacetate, the acetyl group enters a series of reactions called the citric acid cycle. The acetyl group is oxidized to carbon dioxide in these reactions, and large amounts of the electron carrier nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide are generated. Finally, the high-energy electrons from nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide are passed along an electron-transport chain within the mitochondrial inner membrane, where the energy released by their transfer is used to drive a process that produces adenosine-5′-triphosphate and consumes molecular oxygen. It is in these final steps that most of the energy released by oxidation is harnessed to produce most of the cell’s adenosine-5′-triphosphate.

Because the energy to drive adenosine-5′-triphosphate synthesis in mitochondria ultimately derives from the oxidative breakdown of food molecules, the phosphorylation of adenosine diphosphate to form adenosine-5′-triphosphate that is driven by electron transport in the mitochondrion is known as oxidative phosphorylation. Fascinating events occur within the mitochondrial inner membrane during oxidative phosphorylation. Through the production of adenosine-5′-triphosphate, the energy derived from the breakdown of sugars and fats is redistributed as packets of chemical energy in a form convenient for use elsewhere in the cell. Roughly, 109 molecules of adenosine-5′-triphosphate are in solution in a typical cell at any instant, and in many cells, all this adenosine-5′-triphosphate is turned over, that is, used up and replaced every 1–2 minutes.

In all, nearly half of the energy that could in theory be derived from the oxidation of glucose or fatty acids to water and carbon dioxide is captured and used to drive the energetically unfavorable reaction orthophosphate plus adenosine diphosphate giving adenosine-5′-triphosphate. By contrast, a typical combustion engine, such as a car engine, can convert no more than 20% of the available energy in its fuel into useful work. The rest of the energy is released by the cell as heat, making our bodies warm.

Immortality is a Possibility

The personal human’s immortality is not related to brain interface and artificial intellect. Digital copy of art can reproduce a copy of art, but can’t reproduce the art as itself. Unique thing cannot be reproduced in any possible way since it is a unique by definition. Each of us is unique and we can live forever by following certain rules. Immortality became possible long time ago, and is practiced by many people who are living with us. It sounds as a fiction in the beginning, but later it becomes favorite lifestyle. There are interesting content about immortality and longevity.

All of us want to be immortal. It is truth that all people want to be immortal. Ideally, no one wish to die prematurely, but in fact only a few people really wish to live longer and happier life. It is in ability the human’s personal energy to make the wish to become a reality. All that the average person need to do to become more active, happier, and wish to live longer is to increase personal energy permanently.

It is guaranteed that the aging resistance and, as the result, the immortality is a possibility. Immortality is living without bad accidents since growing personal energy and special techniques make possible better orientation and prediction in life. The immortality is much more than simple healthy living. As a matter of fact healthy living do not guarantees the immortality, but rather prolongs life several years. Personal energy is the substance that is created by myriads of energy pipes associated with human being.




Writing is an expression of art, the human creativity, and the wondrousness of life; a perfect unfolding of a life worth living. Let go of the pattern of trying very hard and doing things with exertion because we don’t have to. The cosmos will help us make our desires a reality. All we need to do is to take triggering off action. Action must not be an effort. Take baby steps to get your wants. It’s a common belief that one has to do a lot to make our desires a reality, while inspired action is all that is needed. Inspired action is a sudden urge, feeling in gut, head, or chest that we must do something. The cosmos gives signals on what needs to be done to make our desires a reality. Basically, inspired action feels good and appears as if action occurred through you. When we follow gut feelings, we make things happen; meaning, we make our desires a reality.

Practical living and harmony with three levels of consciousness, simple method for easing emotional pain, and discovering your natural ability to let go of any painful or useless feeling, belief or thought in the moment are ways to fine-tune subliminal thought progressions. It is a different concept of taking action. It feels like we have to give so much just to experience something we desire; which in reality, rightfully ours from the moment we asked for it. Trying really hard to take action will only stress us out every time and if left without any healing, stress will add and finally is evident as disease. Additional nuisance is we lose everything we have worked really hard for, we will feel depressed because it took a lot of time and effort to get to where we are and now we have to do all that again. We need to learn to take note of our inner voice whenever we feel the urge to take inspired action.

Working hard and feeling awful is not the answer to happy life. We have to visualize and affirm mental action. We must give our undivided attention and focus. We have to put everything we have, to make our desires a reality. It’s not just sitting down and waiting, we have to shift energy and direct energy to take inspired action, which feels really good. To begin, it is confusing and we will have black and white thinking. Practice and belief enables one to see shades of gray. We must be trained to feel good while taking action and force ourselves to take action initially. That’s the key word; initially. Forcing action doesn’t have to be forever; since, like any skill when practiced and mastered for a long period of time will grow to be involuntary. To begin anything, it takes some hard work and discipline as we will be practicing a new way of thinking, feeling, and behaving, but the payoff is for the rest of life; the ability to take inspired action whenever we want to. Look for cosmic signals, and just do things when you want to do. Work first on emotions before taking any action. Think about feeling good and disciplined if stuck through task till the end. Think of good you feel when the task is finished. Think of the feelings of achievement that flows through body.

Use willpower to conquer emotions. This gives huge power when we take action, as one has the ability to shift perspective when things get tedious and less gratifying. Having the ability to think of the rewards and the good feelings we get, when we finish a task enables us to be productive. We will achieve more and feel passionate in the process. Isn’t that crucial for life? Willpower fades away quickly, yet you need to stay focused and motivated. Subconscious is the source of all thoughts, emotions, and actions. Before one even consciously thinks about something, the subconscious mind has already thought about it and is making us aware of that thought. Be positive and confident about your abilities. Use hypnosis, subliminal suggestions or whatever resonates with and works for you. It will take consistent practice to become an expert. Allow it to ooze into subconscious and become a permanent part of life. Allow it to be cemented into mind.

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