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Have you ever asked yourself probing questions that get to the root of your inner self? Have you done the inner questioning to help you uncover your purpose? What your life is calling you to do? We must ask ourselves powerful questions to get to the core of our being. To get you started, ask yourself, "If time and money were not an issue, what would I be doing?" I like this question because it is as if we won the lottery. If you won a million bucks, what would you do? A question like this can begin to unveil some of your interests. You may discover you like to travel, remodel homes, or you are fond of antique cars. You may discover the talent that can turn into a skill you can share with others and be paid to do it!

So, ask yourself that question and maybe some of these: Am I honoring myself and the gifts, talents and skills I am blessed to have? If I had a choice of what would bring me substantial income, what would that be? Does my choice reflect my highest values and beliefs? Am I living a life of balance between work, play, family, recreation and spiritual commitments? If one of these is off kilter, then most likely your life is unbalanced. Isn’t it time to discover what you love so that you can do what you love? Have you heard the saying, "Do what you love and love what you do?"

Start searching for meaningful work that you enjoy and will truly fulfill you and feed your spirit. Find a career where you will not rely on an alarm clock because you are so excited to get up each morning and get started. I am not saying to quit your job tomorrow. You have to be smart when making significant life changes. Determine how much money and time you have to invest in yourself at this present time. If you have a house and no money in savings, I recommend keeping your job and do three action steps a day to get you one step closer to your dreams. Eventually, over time, you will get to where you were meant to be all along. It is never too late to change. Today is the day to no longer tolerate the ball and chains that have held you down for so many years. Today is the day to explore who you really are and unveil what you truly enjoy. Do you have limited beliefs about your ability to change? Imagine yourself in the place you want to be. Close your eyes and imagine. Start believing in yourself that you can live the life you desire and that you were meant to. You were meant to live a life of peace, abundance, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Every time a negative thought or limited belief enters your mind, whenever a response begins with a “but” or “I wish I could, but can’t,” say to yourself: “Just Stop It” and close your eyes and imagine yourself in the life you desire and ask yourself these questions: When the time of my death comes, how will I want people to remember me? What is the inspirational, moral, and wise legacy I want to pass on to coming generations? What ways can I use my talents to serve humanity? What is the work I feel I am meant to do? What three tasks will I do to get me one step closer to my dreams? Answer these and you will be well on your way to finding your calling.


Perform At Optimum Best



When we completely forget about trying, we return to the natural wonder of play that we experienced as children. We forget this as we become an adult and lose our spontaneity. It is easy to not see this change taking place. As our ego was developing and we became competitive, we began to identify with our self-image, our team, our school, our city. Each time we identified with something, we lost the play in what we did. Thus, we missed the play in the game. Instead, we need to allow ourselves to simply play for the sake of playing and nothing else—no goal, just the process.

When we play just for the sake of playing, it’s a lot more fun, and we really enjoy the game. Usually, we stress out about who will win. We worry about sponsors, money, fame, and in the process we lose sight of the purpose of the game. The purpose is to play because we want to, and to have a good time. We can apply this paradox to our life. People in business are so serious and concerned with outcomes, they miss out on the fun and excitement of the entire process. They feel stressed out, full of anxiety, worry, and always feeling like having to keep catching up. The stress of trying hard to achieve outcomes is unhealthy and, all too often, enemies are made along the path to monetary success. We all need to pay more attention to finding the play in what we do. This is more productive way and most important, a healthier way.

This is what the ancient masters called serving the task. It is the selfless act of just doing and not thinking about results. This is doing for the sake of doing, as in original play. It is the natural action of the universe from which all life and non-life is manifested, as when the rays of the sun travel millions of miles through space to give life to a flower. Original play is everything that happens unintentionally in nature like seeds grow, suns explode, planets evolve, and water flows. The universe doesn’t have intention or expectations. The universe simply selflessly acts and everything is done. It is a playful ritual of natural order, unlike the rituals we use in society that many times are so unnatural and have false intentions.

That is exactly one of the things wrong with religion today. People are so concerned about ritual, so used to standing on ceremony; they forget there’s supposed to be a direct spiritual experience in their belief. They forget the play in their faith and get all involved in the ‘have-to’s’ rather than the process. We focus on scripture and ceremony instead of getting into the direct experience. The more you look, the farther you move away from it.

The entire universe works on the concept of play, as there is no selfish intention in any aspect of nature, only selfless action. It is exactly like children playing. They are sometimes so engrossed in the play that they become selfless; there is only the game for them and nothing else. This is the true play of no mind. When we no longer choose sides in the game, we play effortlessly and thus our performance increases. We lose the tight competitive mind-body hold that can keep us from our full potential. We also lose the ‘self’ and its socially imposed expectations. Losing the self in true play would be great and how easy it is to get blocked by our persistent expectations and our shoulds?!

We are blocked, which is not natural; therefore, we fail to achieve our peak performance. Play is the acting and reacting that we do every day without the ego, without the Self. When we truly play, we are in the Now; we are not focused on future worries or past regrets or past guilt. We act because it is our natural tendency to act, just as a hawk can fly in circles for a long time, fully enjoying the wind without flapping its wings. The hawk plays in the air currents and simply becomes the wind by fulfilling its natural potential. In that moment, the hawk and the wind are one and the same. We all have our natural potentials, and through play we reflect them in the world.

Most of us see play as games and having fun, and work as serious and stressful. Very few enjoy both at the same time. We have not experienced that reality of nature. It is only our intentions and expectations which make work, work and not play. When at work, we would rather be doing something else; we become consumed with the goal or work becomes boring through repetition. But all we need to do is focus on the work in the moment and learn to discover the play. We need to work without the conditioned effort and any ego-intention so it can become play. When, like children, we are able to lose ourselves in the play and become the game, only then do we learn to perform at our optimum best. We simply lose ourselves in the work and serve the task. This is like the sports coach advice: ‘Lose yourself in the action of the game. Just play without trying to prove anything. Then you will be in the zone, and be at your best.’

Autumn is in the Air Now is a Great Time to Enjoy

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Accept, Enjoy; Don’t Compel No Matter What

Whatsoever happens, accept and enjoy, and don’t force anything. If you feel like talking, talk. If you feel like being silent, be silent; just move with the feeling. Don’t force in any way, not even for a single moment, because once you force anything, you are divided in two and that creates the problem, then your whole life becomes split.

The whole of humanity has become almost schizophrenic, because we have been taught to force things. The part that wants to laugh and the part that doesn’t allow you to laugh become separate, and then you are divided in two. You create a top dog and an underdog, and so there is conflict. The rift that the conflict creates can go on becoming bigger. So the problem is how to bridge that rift, and how not to create it anymore.

In Zen, they have a very beautiful saying. They say, Sitting, just sit; Walking, just walk… Above all, don’t wobble.

Everything should be done in such a relaxed way that there is no effort in it. If you enjoy walking, good! If suddenly you realize that you no longer have the urge or desire to move, then sit down immediately; not even a single step should be taken against your will. One should not drag oneself. That dragging is the whole mechanism of the ego, the manipulator.

The religious mind has been dividing the mind and the soul into lower and higher. But the body is one, there is no lower or higher. The blood that has been circulating in the feet, within a few seconds has moved into the head. There is no higher or lower, because the body is one organic unity. But all the religions divide it, and because of their division, humanity has become a madhouse.

You have been divided enough, so don’t do it anymore. This means that no judgements are to be made, because if you judge, division starts. For example, you may be talking to a friend in deep conversation, and suddenly you feel like being silent, you want to stop talking, right in the middle of the sentence. Stop there, and don’t even complete the rest of the sentence, because that will be going against nature.

But then judgment comes in. You feel embarrassed about what others will think, so you somehow manage to complete the sentence. You pretend to show interest, and then you finally escape. There is no need to do it. Just say that conversation is not coming now; you can then ask to be excused, and be silent.

For a few days, perhaps, it will be a little troublesome, but by and by, people will begin to understand. Don’t judge yourself as to why you became silent; don’t tell yourself that it is not good. Everything is good! In deep acceptance, everything becomes a blessing. This is how it happened; your whole being wanted to be silent; so follow it. Just become a shadow to your totality, and wherever it goes, you have to follow, because there is no other goal. You will begin to feel a tremendous relaxation surrounding you.

Life has infinite grace, but we have missed it because of the conflict. Grace brings beauty. It simply means the aura that surrounds total relaxation. If you move spontaneously, each moment decides how it will be. You simply remain open-ended. The next moment will decide its own being. Today is enough; don’t plan for tomorrow, or even for the next moment. Today ends, and then tomorrow comes fresh and innocent, and opens with no manipulator. It opens of its own accord, and without the past. This is grace.

Watch a flower opening in the morning. Just go on watching…that is grace. There is no effort at all; it just moves according to nature. Or watch a cat awakening; effortlessly, with a tremendous grace surrounding it. The whole of nature is full of grace, but man has lost the capacity to be graceful because of division.

So just move, and let the moment decide; don’t try to manage it. This is what I call let-go and everything happens out of it. So give it a chance. Above All, Don’t Wobble.

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