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Have you ever asked yourself probing questions that get to the root of your inner self? Have you done the inner questioning to help you uncover your purpose? What your life is calling you to do? We must ask ourselves powerful questions to get to the core of our being. To get you started, ask yourself, "If time and money were not an issue, what would I be doing?" I like this question because it is as if we won the lottery. If you won a million bucks, what would you do? A question like this can begin to unveil some of your interests. You may discover you like to travel, remodel homes, or you are fond of antique cars. You may discover the talent that can turn into a skill you can share with others and be paid to do it!

So, ask yourself that question and maybe some of these: Am I honoring myself and the gifts, talents and skills I am blessed to have? If I had a choice of what would bring me substantial income, what would that be? Does my choice reflect my highest values and beliefs? Am I living a life of balance between work, play, family, recreation and spiritual commitments? If one of these is off kilter, then most likely your life is unbalanced. Isn’t it time to discover what you love so that you can do what you love? Have you heard the saying, "Do what you love and love what you do?"

Start searching for meaningful work that you enjoy and will truly fulfill you and feed your spirit. Find a career where you will not rely on an alarm clock because you are so excited to get up each morning and get started. I am not saying to quit your job tomorrow. You have to be smart when making significant life changes. Determine how much money and time you have to invest in yourself at this present time. If you have a house and no money in savings, I recommend keeping your job and do three action steps a day to get you one step closer to your dreams. Eventually, over time, you will get to where you were meant to be all along. It is never too late to change. Today is the day to no longer tolerate the ball and chains that have held you down for so many years. Today is the day to explore who you really are and unveil what you truly enjoy. Do you have limited beliefs about your ability to change? Imagine yourself in the place you want to be. Close your eyes and imagine. Start believing in yourself that you can live the life you desire and that you were meant to. You were meant to live a life of peace, abundance, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Every time a negative thought or limited belief enters your mind, whenever a response begins with a “but” or “I wish I could, but can’t,” say to yourself: “Just Stop It” and close your eyes and imagine yourself in the life you desire and ask yourself these questions: When the time of my death comes, how will I want people to remember me? What is the inspirational, moral, and wise legacy I want to pass on to coming generations? What ways can I use my talents to serve humanity? What is the work I feel I am meant to do? What three tasks will I do to get me one step closer to my dreams? Answer these and you will be well on your way to finding your calling.

Quintessential Quality

Quintessential Quality

Curiosity is a hunger to explore and a delight in discovery. When we are curious, we approach the world with a child-like habit of poking and prodding and asking questions. We are attracted to new experiences. Rather than pursuing an agenda or a desired set of answers, we follow our questions where they lead. Socially, curiosity lets us really listen to other people because we want to know who they are. We open ourselves to the morsels of knowledge and experience they can share with us. We relish having discoveries of our own to share. Curiosity makes us interested in a broad range of information about the world around us, not only that with direct utility. We learn for the joy of learning.

Human beings have myriad range of characteristics and attributes. Some are innate, some are formed through experiences and some are developed through wisdom and insight. One of the most fundamental of these human features is that of curiosity. It is the curious nature of man that has led him to wonder, ponder and then learn. Curiosity is the organic building block of knowledge structure and is the key which has opened new vistas of thought and objective disciplines.

It is curiosity in man’s nature which drives him to understand different phenomena in life. The curiosity about one’s self and the environment leads a person to investigate and with the help of his findings draw adequate inferences. It guides him to attain his desires and goals in life, to create a vision and to dream. It is that quintessential quality in man that makes him superior to other creations in terms of sociability, morality and intellectuality. This is something which enables him to build communities and develop societies.

This curious nature of man has made him reflect upon higher purposes and discover deeper meanings in things, going beyond what they apparently seem to be. This higher search for purpose compels him to find meaning of his existence and the existence of things in the universe. While treading on the track on his instinctive curiosity, he leads his complete life shaped out of inquisitiveness in vastness of various questions about events taking place either in his life or in the universe around him. Since, he does not have any assurance of any conjectures he is making about the outcome of events in his life, he lives in the curiosity of knowing them. But, there is a certain amount of common sense which guides his cognitive abilities.

Nevertheless, the search and hunt of conquering his future and controlling his life never ends till the curiosity serves better of him. Hence, man seeks some ways and means for the outlet of this characteristic inside in varying degrees and to different extents. For this very element in him, he becomes passionate and enthusiastic. Sometimes, this material world, which is all that his sight can conceive, makes him think that having mundane comforts will give his soul the ever needed satisfaction. But such a false contentment comes at the expense of him losing sight of the divine ideals of governing life. He would be someone standing at a selfish point from where he cares about only his survival, well being and welfare in life.

On some other level of soul curiosity, he would have sentiments and sensibility as the prime factors directing his heart and humanity. This level of his conscious being let him undertake his natural human curiosity as well as his humanism to use them in the benefit of the whole mankind. This very form of consciousness allows mankind to construct that human touch and that human connection so much necessary for the survival of the world and the growth we see through shared knowledge and wisdom.

Safe Haven of the Soul

On this day, I see clearly that we must explore and develop those ways to engender the passion for the possible in our human development while discovering what that "possible" is. In so doing we will discover ways of transcending and transforming the local self so that extraordinary life can arise. There is no question but that a larger life is latent in the human species and that we live only a small part of the life that is given. Thus it will require from those of you who are really serious about making a difference something that astronauts, sportspeople, great artists and inventors, mystics, social artists, and co-creators are always open and available to–the acquiring of a greater nature. This means however that one agrees to relinquish those limited and limiting patterns of body, that is sensory and motor patterns, of emotions, of volition, of intelligence and understanding, and of spirit that have been keeping you from becoming all that you can be. Stop it. You are boring God.

One also must agree to allow yourself to instead become available to the extraordinary dimensions that each of you contains for much larger life in body, mind, and spirit. This, I absolutely believe is what is required of us if you who will continue to live are going to help our era survive and grow. Now what is going on in our era that is unique in human history? Get beneath the patterns of chaos and this is what I think you can detect. We are in jump time, also called whole system transition. This means that we have a rare choice point both for the world and for ourselves. As you all know, the current movements of change are accelerating radically, with new happenings in structural and social development, complexity, behavioral variety, and awareness. There is a multileveled transformation of our entire nature in the works as well as in the very nature and function of society. This includes the democratization of our human potential, as well as the wide scale experience of aspects of ourselves that we never thought to have.

I believe that the very evolution of life is asking us to co-partner with it and to make choices that will serve the greater story. We must come to realize that grace, or, if you will, the larger reality structure, the Field of Being within which you are embedded, the Divine Reality is always and everywhere present, ever near, utterly available, and totally responsive to our desire for it. We are at the stage where the real work of humanity begins. This is the time and place where we partner Creation in the re-creation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, and in the assuming of a new kind of culture–what we might term a culture of kindness wherein we live daily life in such a way as to be connected and charged by the Source of our reality and become liberated in our inventiveness as well as deeply engaged in our world and our tasks.

Now there is a quickening, a tremendous sense of need for this possible human in all of us to help create the possible world if we are to survive our own personal and planetary odyssey and come safely home – to the sanctuary of the soul.


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