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Scarlet Passion by PelicanPete

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The vibrant Scarlet Passion Flower ~ Miami, Florida

(five more photos in the comments)


Shaving Brush Tree by PelicanPete

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The Shaving Brush Tree (Pseudobombax elipticum) is a tree that can reach up to 60 ft in height. The tree can be seen from Mexico to Guatemala and has densely hairy flowers with long narrow petals clustered at the ends of its branches before leaves appear. Coveted for it’s unique brush-like flowers in late winter (often February), the leaves are an attraction as well. Leaves are first bright red turning a fine green as they mature. Its branches are close to the base of the stem. It is a deciduous tree with succulent stems. Uses include firewood and wood for carving handicrafts. The tree is grown as an ornamental in Florida and Hawaii, and the attractive flowers are used to decorate homes and churches in Central America. Fantastic in full bloom ~ West Palm Beach, Florida

Stunning Wildflowers by Andrew

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Wildflowers of Libanus, Ebbw Vale (yes Ebbw Vale). Beautiful. Well done to whoever had the foresight to put these flowers here, they are lovely and take your mind off the fact that for some reason you always get stopped by the lights.

gerber. by ASPphotographic

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taken with a marumi six point star lens filter

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midnight by ASPphotographic

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Hello!,been awayūüėä.

Contemplate by Jayne Booton

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This image suits my own mood well at the moment. My Granddaughter sat looking at this little rock flower, deep in thought for many minutes – she is not really old enough to tell me just what she was thinking.
Sorry I haven’t been around much – still taking photos but it seems that other than my family shots at the moment nothing excites or pleases me, all more of the same old stuff, think I need a kick up the bum. Have tried to pop in and out to comment – will catch up properly with you all soon, sorry I am a bit of a misery!

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Morning by P√°sztor Andr√°s on Flickr.

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