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Stunning Wildflowers by Andrew

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Wildflowers of Libanus, Ebbw Vale (yes Ebbw Vale). Beautiful. Well done to whoever had the foresight to put these flowers here, they are lovely and take your mind off the fact that for some reason you always get stopped by the lights.


Arabia Mountain Daisies by Phil Varney

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Apparently a huge volume of daisies bloom all over Arabia Mountain this time of year. Quite an interesting rock – Small’s Stonecrop blooms at the end of winter, and daisies bloom at the beginning of fall. This is the first time I’ve been out with my new Canon 6D – pretty excited to have finally upgraded to full-frame performance! I really learned a lot with the Canon t2i these last 3 years, but once that camera was damaged by humidity, it was time to move on. I’m very impressed with the quality of the RAW files (which, as a side note, I discovered that Photoshop CS5 and associated ACR won’t open RAW files from new cameras like the 6D – I had to upgrade to a Photoshop CC subscription). Whereas the RAW files from the t2i were always dull, lacking color and contrast, the RAW files from the 6D look much more like finished products – very impressed! The Wifi feature is cool also, though I suspect the battery drain is intense. The camera can serve as its own Wifi access point (no need for a home network, etc.), and the live view from the camera is sent to the phone. All the important settings can be controlled from there. Very pleased!

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Tulips. by Augustyn Batko

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In the garden.

What a rainy day today … by Kat-i on Flickr.

Herzblättriges Hechtkraut – Pontederia cordata by Kat-i on Flickr.

A flower among flowers by adelinavarlotta6 on Flickr.

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Oh my bleeding heart by builder24car on Flickr.

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