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Red Spotlight by PelicanPete

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Saturday Night Sunset ~ Florida Everglades


Dark Side of the Lagoon by PelicanPete

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Islamorada, FL ~ #223 in Explore 7/9/13
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Teelorsu_1-1-3 by Noinoiiz Rx

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Sabbaday Falls by blackseal35

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Late Summer, early morning

The Mill On The Hill by Alfred Grupstra

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Davis Creek Falls by Phil Varney

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Davis Creek Falls is a nice cascade found in the north Georgia mountains (outside of Helen, and near Raven Cliff Falls) while hiking to the larger (and very different) Duke’s Creek Falls. If my information is correct, both falls are actually on Davis Creek, but Duke’s Creek Falls is found essentially where the two creeks converge, thus leading to the different name. Sometimes you see the falls shown here referred to as ‘Duke’s Creek Falls #1’, as it’s encountered first on the trail. Once you descend the steep stairs coming down from the parking area, pay attention to the steep gorge on the right – this is where this falls is found. A nice little muddy scramble is required to get down to the creek level. I bet in high water conditions this is a pretty powerful waterfall – not so much in the low water of late summer!

Cade’s Cove Drive by Phil Varney

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Being from Atlanta, Cade’s Cove is a location in the park that has been just far enough of a drive that I often don’t make it, let alone at a time of day permitting the best photography. Maybe this has been a mistake on my part – Cade’s Cove is filled with awesome photo opportunities! Wildlife and history combine under impressive views of the intimidating ridge of the Great Smoky Mountains. Intimidating, that is, if you’ve ever hiked to the top from the bottom – there aren’t many hikes east of the Mississippi with as much elevation gain as hiking from Fontana Lake or Cade’s Cove to Clingman’s Dome.

We were stopped waiting for some cars to go by when this sign and tree caught my eye. I’ve been trying to be more intentional lately about recognizing why good pictures actually look good, and my conclusion is that you’ve got to have two elements: a sense of balance (i.e., objects that anchor portions of the image) and a sense of flow (something to add a dynamic element to the shot that keeps your eye moving). Here, the ‘balance’ is given by the sign, tree, and road, while the ‘flow’ is provided by the fence, sky, and also the road. Looking back at my favorite pictures, I realize the best shots always seem to have objects that connect to form triangular shapes.

On a different note, fall has been very strange this year, and maybe even a little disappointing to some. As you can see here, the grass is still vibrantly green – but the tree has lost all it’s leaves! Conditions around the park seem to mirror this. If you drive up 441, you note that the trees pretty suddenly transition from green to bare. A large storm a few weeks ago blew down most of the changed/changing leaves, unfortunately. What this means is that I’ve traveled to the park to get fall shots, but my favorites have mostly ended up not having any fall color in them!

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