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Live In Peace

Ignore Negativity and Live In Peace. We Live in Dual Reality: One, objective reality over which we have put up a second layer of the reality made of fictional entities: Fictional Reality!


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Light of Truth

The man who in his life on earth refuses to acknowledge that there is also life after death, and that sooner or later he will be forced to render account for all that he has done and all that he has left undone, is blind and deaf when he one day has to pass over into the Ethereal World. Only during the days and weeks while he still remains connected with his discarded physical body will he be able partially to observe what goes on around him.

Once we are free from disintegrating physical body this possibility is lost to us! We no longer see or hear anything. That, however, is not punishment, but quite natural, because we do not want to see or hear anything of the Ethereal World. Our own will, which can quickly form ethereal matter corresponding to it, prevents our ethereal body from seeing as well as hearing until gradually a change takes place in our soul. Whether this takes years or decades, perhaps even centuries, is the concern of each individual. We can exercise our free will untrammeled. Help will only come to us when we ourselves long for it. Not before! It will never be forced upon us!

The light which the soul makes the acquaintance with such great joy when it starts to see is always there, but previously the soul was unable to see it. This light is also clearer and stronger than it appears at first sight to the hitherto blind soul. How the soul sees it, whether strong or weak, depends entirely on the condition of the soul itself. The light does not come closer of its own accord, but it is there! The soul can enjoy it at any time, if it humbly and earnestly wishes to do so. However, what I am clearing up here applies only to this particular kind of human soul. It does not necessarily apply to others. In the region of darkness and its planes there is no light. There it is impossible for us who advances inwardly to be able suddenly to see the light, for we must first be led out of the surroundings which hold us.

The condition of the soul depicted here may surely be called miserable, because it is filled with a great fear and is void of all hope, but it did not wish it otherwise. It now receives only what it forced upon itself. It had refused to believe in a conscious life after physical death. But the soul cannot abolish this continuation of life for itself, because it has no jurisdiction over it. It only builds for itself a barren ethereal plane, paralyzing the senses of the ethereal body, so that it can neither see nor hear ethereally until the soul itself finally changes its attitude. These are the souls which can be found by the million on earth today. Apart from the fact that they refuse all knowledge about God and eternity, they can still be called decent. The fate of the evil-minded is naturally much worse, but we shall not speak about them here, only about the so-called respectable people.

When it is said that God will stretch forth His Hand to help, this is done in the Word which He sends out to mankind, showing them how they can redeem themselves from the guilt in which they have become entangled. From the very beginning, He has shown His Mercy in all the great possibilities placed freely at the disposal of human spirits in Creation. This is so overwhelming that the man of today cannot even conceive it because he never concerned himself with it seriously enough! Wherever he did, however, it was only as a pastime or for the purpose of vain self-aggrandizement!

Delighted Earth

The Sun; hearth of affection and life, pours burning love on the delighted earth…

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Summer Forest, Whitemoss, England

Summer Forest, Whitemoss, England

Evening Sky

Evening Sky

Be Happy About Living

How many of us, dream of being happily taken someday? Oops, I think I see most of your hands in the air! Unless you’re not eyeing marriage, you probably longed for that one girl who is willing to stay by your side no matter how annoyingly cute you get. Take it or leave it – we all have secret fantasies of being swooned over head over heels by the angel of our dreams, living happily ever after forevermore.

We have our own arsenal of techniques, strategies, game plans in hooking up with Miss Perfect. We’ve tried good old flirting, ranging from mild to ultra-hot, but we wonder why girls don’t take the bait. We’ve tried straightforward approaches, which makes girls either scramble toward us, or run away from us. We’ve tried taking things into our own hands, and women shake their head in despair. What will make women take us seriously?

Yes, it may be true that social status, professional acclaims and financial health attracts women at the onset of most encounters. But what makes them linger? What makes them think about getting to know men deeper, and not just as bed-warmers? It is the inside appearance that matters – that means, the happiness, confidence, and inner peace we exude. How did I come to know of these things? I am speaking from personal experiences.

I realized that when my desire for romance took the forefront of my life, to the detriment of other aspects of myself, it was then that opportunities for real love eluded me all the more, and I would attract gals who are somehow similar to me – rich, lonely, and with swagger attitude. I was crushed many times over by heartbreaks that I unknowingly allowed. Somehow, my hope as a hopeless romantic sailed me through these hard times, and I was back on my feet in no time, ready to jump at my chance for everlasting happiness. Or so I thought, because I have anchored my happiness yet again to the presence of romance in my life. That is not only unattractive to women who may be considered of the good kind, but this arrogant attitude attracts needy women, which is not helpful at all in building a healthy kind of love, only a false sense of security.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that it was not my fashion sense, nor my swagger attitude, nor my money that somehow prevented me to attract the good gals: it was the mindset. When I let go of romance as a super priority in my life, because I was happy nevertheless whether I had a girlfriend or not, that was attractive to good women. Happiness, true and sincere, is the greatest pheromone that will help you snag a great Girl. When good girl look at you and see you oh-so-happy, busying yourself with worthwhile things, and not moping around the lack of someone special, they will hover over you like butterflies and bees to a rose plant. The good thing is, the gals you attract are no longer the sad and bitter ones; they are the happy, peaceful gals as well, who exude a lot of confidence on what they have to offer. They are happy to get to know you, because at the back of their minds they know that they can make you happy. Their ‘job’ is halfway done; you’re happy all by yourself to begin with! What a great deal you’re getting yourself if you simply choose to be happy about life!

Simply put, being happy about life led me to my first and last love and romance. Dear men, I hope I have inspired you enough to simply be happy about living!


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Morning Light

The Earth is Art, The Photographer; a Witness!

Morning Light

Morning Light

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