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Moonset Reflections by Phil Varney

Via Flickr:

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One more shot from rural Alabama, of the moon setting over a fog-covered lake near Tuscaloosa. The warm day and cold night created a nice layer of fog over the water, which picked up the warm moonset colors quite nicely! My original plan was to just take a few night pictures of the tree reflections, but I realized the moonset wasn’t too late (maybe 11 PM or so) and ended up staying out much longer than anticipated. Thankfully the warm colors hid the small amount of lens flare present from the moon.


Grevena 10 by Evan Karageorgos on Flickr.

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Lancaster by Michael Bollino on Flickr.

Regrets Only by {jessica drossin} on Flickr.

Derbyshire mist by Keartona on Flickr.

Morning sun by Keartona on Flickr.

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Blue silhouettes by Keartona on Flickr.

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