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Life Is Precious and So Are You



We are the actors, writers, creators, producers and directors of our life and can re-write and re-create anything, anytime. Life is precious and so are you…Value, love, and embrace each and every minute. Today is a new day and I am ready…Are you?

I am in deep gratitude for all that I have learned in my 30 years and counting. Some lessons were fun, some painful, and in each there was always a choice: to grow or not. I invite you to learn from my mistakes and enjoy the journey of self and others. Listen to your body. The mind, body, spirit connection is a vast field of multi-sensory information that is always a beacon and guide to us, if we stop, listen, and breathe.

Learn that the art of seeing, hearing, feeling and communicating are the foundations to any good, quality, long term relationship of any kind. Love your body, move it and nourish it with healthy, alive, whole foods. Doing so gives us so much more energy, awareness, and creativity. Diets don’t work. Why would anyone want to lose weight when the actual action one usually takes when losing something is go about finding it? Instead choose to release all unwanted baggage and create a healthy daily lifestyle.

Love completely. Why hold out? If things end, it was a journey that both parties learned, played and grew from. Honor your time. Be willing to delegate or say sorry or no – and be honest about it. Live full out each and every day; dance, sing like nobody is watching. Embrace transformation. Change, like going from cocoon to flight, is the place where all new opportunities, friendships, and experiences arise from, giving us the chance to soar to new heights.

Always be open, honest, and authentic, and speak from a compassionate passionate space. Know that we all have a past. Own it, love it, thank it, forgive yourself and others, and then move on fearlessly into the unknown. Our pasts have made us into these amazing people that we presently are, so how can one regret the past. It doesn’t brand us, our inner self critic does. Know we are the actors, writers, creators, producers and directors of our life and can re-write and re-create anything, anytime.

"Let’s do it" is much more fun than "do it"…. As "let’s" energetically is the collective; the we. Personally I truly do believe team work is what makes our dreams work, the world work. Conscious business collaboration is where true abundance arises from- if we embody the true meanings of giving, receiving, value, authenticity, sharing, collaboration, co-creating, and team.

It’s very special when you give and do because you choose to, because you love what you do, and for no other reason or expectation of anything in return.

Be open to all feedback, as that is an amazing place to learn, play and grow from. Don’t take it personally, or go to a place of judgment. Life is so much more fun and easy when we let go of should of, could of, try, can’t, and but, and instead embrace I am, I will, tomorrow I am, I used to and now I am, let’s, we, and so on.

Enjoy the journey!

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