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View from Kancamagus by Jason Cserny


Glen Ellis Falls by Jason Cserny

River Pool Sabbaday Falls by Chris Hatch

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Forest by Jason Cserny

Sabbaday by Jason Cserny

Davis Creek Falls by Phil Varney

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Davis Creek Falls is a nice cascade found in the north Georgia mountains (outside of Helen, and near Raven Cliff Falls) while hiking to the larger (and very different) Duke’s Creek Falls. If my information is correct, both falls are actually on Davis Creek, but Duke’s Creek Falls is found essentially where the two creeks converge, thus leading to the different name. Sometimes you see the falls shown here referred to as ‘Duke’s Creek Falls #1’, as it’s encountered first on the trail. Once you descend the steep stairs coming down from the parking area, pay attention to the steep gorge on the right – this is where this falls is found. A nice little muddy scramble is required to get down to the creek level. I bet in high water conditions this is a pretty powerful waterfall – not so much in the low water of late summer!

Sandersons Falls by Dave – Tasmania on Flickr.

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