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The Grand ~ Quarta Sunset 75 by PelicanPete

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Grand Tetons ~ #93 in Explore 8/2/11
Beaver Creek, Wyoming U.S.A.


Sabbaday Falls by blackseal35

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Late Summer, early morning

Stunning Wildflowers by Andrew

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Wildflowers of Libanus, Ebbw Vale (yes Ebbw Vale). Beautiful. Well done to whoever had the foresight to put these flowers here, they are lovely and take your mind off the fact that for some reason you always get stopped by the lights.

Davis Creek Falls by Phil Varney

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Davis Creek Falls is a nice cascade found in the north Georgia mountains (outside of Helen, and near Raven Cliff Falls) while hiking to the larger (and very different) Duke’s Creek Falls. If my information is correct, both falls are actually on Davis Creek, but Duke’s Creek Falls is found essentially where the two creeks converge, thus leading to the different name. Sometimes you see the falls shown here referred to as ‘Duke’s Creek Falls #1’, as it’s encountered first on the trail. Once you descend the steep stairs coming down from the parking area, pay attention to the steep gorge on the right – this is where this falls is found. A nice little muddy scramble is required to get down to the creek level. I bet in high water conditions this is a pretty powerful waterfall – not so much in the low water of late summer!

Celestial Alabama by Phil Varney

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The stars over rural Alabama are pretty amazing when there’s no moon in the sky! I was out there doing some fishing this past weekend, and brought along the camera to try out some night shots. These cypress trees line the pathway to a small dock, on a lake that used to be used for catfish farming before being converted to a bass pond (there are some big fish in these ponds!). Learning to take better night shots is something that’s been on my list of things to do once I upgraded to the full-frame camera. I’m very, very impressed with the low light performance of the new camera! Unfortunately my lens only stops down to f/4.0, so I’m more or less limited to ISO3200 or above to get an exposure that doesn’t result in noticeable star trails. This equipment upgrading is just a never ending process – I guess now I’ll just have to find a much faster lens for night photography 🙂 I heard the Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 is a good affordable lens for night shots – does anyone have experience with this, or any other good night photography lens? I appreciate your comments if you do!

Find Your Harmony by robert photography & art on Flickr.

Summer Terrace at Emerald Lake by Cole Chase Photography on Flickr.

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