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Another Day in Paradise by PelicanPete

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Key West, Florida ~ #241 in Explore 1/10/14
Streetlight Sunrise Serenade
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Wikepedia Key West ~,_Florida

Florida Keys slideshow ~


Cracking Morning by Andrew

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I love the moments as the sun rises above the mountain tops, and the day responds.

Emery Creek Sunrise by Phil Varney

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I’m glad my decision paid off to wake up early and drive to the Emery Creek trail head. The hike to the first falls in the dark was cold and wet, involving 9 crossings of Emery Creek, and one of Holly Creek. In the middle of summer these crossings are probably nothing, but after a week straight of rain, the first few involved quite a bit of careful foot placement!

The thick fog on the mountains broke apart as the sun rose, creating this awesome pink glow that was fortuitously reflected in the water beneath the falls. I had to scramble to adjust for this light, as sunrise colors was about the last thing I expected. This shot is a blend of three different images: one without a polarizer (for the water), one with a polarizer (for the trees) and then a darker exposure for the sky. If you look closely above the falls, you can see some tents – quite a (loud) camping spot, especially since there’s a second waterfall right up there!

The Dance We Shared by Phil~Koch on Flickr.

A Drifting Kiss by Phil~Koch on Flickr.

A Broken Promise 5mb by Phil~Koch on Flickr.

Heating up the Cauldron by rayman102 on Flickr.

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