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Red Spotlight by PelicanPete

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Saturday Night Sunset ~ Florida Everglades


The Grand ~ Quarta Sunset 75 by PelicanPete

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Grand Tetons ~ #93 in Explore 8/2/11
Beaver Creek, Wyoming U.S.A.

Flicker of Hope by PelicanPete

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Sunset Saturday Night ~ Florida Everglades
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update: This area is closed right now due to the the Government Shutdown, so for the first time in years I am unable to visit the area that I love, at the time that I love to visit it. This (above) was taken last weekend, a few days before. Such a shame. Life is too short.

follow up: After hearing of a looming Government Shutdown that was “on the cusp” I figured I’d go to my favorite spot one last time last weekend to catch the migrating flocks in the Autumn sunset light with a “flicker of hope” that this shutdown would be a short and “light fight”. We are all “feeling blue” as our leaders insist on living “on the wild side”. We are being dragged through this “Autumn cauldron” with so many people affected. I truly hope and pray that this senseless dispute ends as quickly as possible. My favorite National Wildlife Refuge is now closed…indefinitely. Such a shame. Life is too short.

Update: The Government shutdown is over today 10/17/13 !
The National parks have re-opened. Hallelujah.

Heaven Sent by PelicanPete

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Keys Sunset ~ #204 in Explore 1/31/13 ~

1st Place Competition Winner ~ February 2013 ~ Super Shots Group

Thanksgiving ~ Quarta Sunset 92 by PelicanPete

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Sunset ~ Key West Harbor

Dark Side of the Lagoon by PelicanPete

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Islamorada, FL ~ #223 in Explore 7/9/13
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Red Spice ~ Quarta Sunset 220 by PelicanPete

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FL Everglades ~ #47 in Explore 4/6/14

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